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As the world reopens, we are no longer opening to the same place. March 1st will never occur again and a "new normal" is the reality. Organizations large and small are going to be forced to innovate and adapt, in a real way.


When people refer to “Innovation”, they so often just mean novelty. We are bringing together the disrupters and thought-leaders of our industry, to provide the information and path for organizations to follow.


We aren’t teams making items of novelty that create a bit of fun… we are teams that create industry-changing technology, services, and processes to properly future-proof organizations.... changing fear and uncertainty into excitement and confidence.

Your talk should be connected to HR Adaptation and Innovation but the format and frame are yours to choose. 

Some ideas include:

  • Identify where specific adaptation and innovation can be a solution in your sub-category within HR

  • How do others implement that solution?

  • How does your organization uniquely support that solution?

  • etc.


COST: Free

DATE: May 28th

TALK TIME: Under 30 Minutes


EVENT TIME: 10-7 Eastern Time


Contact us with:

  1. Topic of talk

  2. Speaker bio

  3. Preferred talk time

  4. Preference for submitting a pre-recorded talk or doing it live

DEADLINE: May 22nd

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