Vendium's Diversity Approach

Our places of work and customers are more diverse than ever before. It is time that we give our teams the tools to interact with diverse others in a more effective way. Vendium partners with Go Culture to achieve measurable improvement for lasting results. 


Objectively assess the behavioral indicators of diverse interaction competencies


Provide computer-based training specific to how to improve the behavioral factors we measured


Track how the employees improve after the training with built-in accountability


Equip leadership with industry-leading analytics and teams with A.I. to track engagement

Drive Inclusion First

When we hire simply for diversity, we often miss the mark. The key is to have an inclusive workplace that promotes equity. By accomplishing this goal, we create a workplace that diverse talent is attracted to, thrives in, and stays for the long term.

Check out our study to see the true costs of common diversity initiatives and how the Vendium helps the largest organizations in the world create better working environments for everyone.

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